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APC Removed From Rivers Govt House; Moved To Jonathan's Wife Private Guest House

Few days after the Goodluck Jonathan administration withdrew operatives of the JTF assigned to protect the Government House in Rivers State, due to their "fight" with Amaechi, something strange has happened. OluFamous.Com gathered that an Armored Personnel Carrier, APC, and a group of soldiers have now been redeployed to guard a private/commercial Guest House belonging to Patience Jonathan... Below is how Sahara Reporters is reporting the unfortunate incident: "The president’s wife, Patience Jonathan, is using soldiers to guard her private guest house in Yenogoa, the capital of Bayelsa State. Earlier this week, the Presidency ordered the withdrawal of JTF operatives guarding the official residence of Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as a political feud between the governor, on the one hand, and President Jonathan and his wife, on the other, intensified.  There was chaos in the chambers of the Rivers State legislature...In the aftermath of a bloody confrontation, the Jonathan administration pulled Mr. Amaechi’s security apparatus, which is controlled by the Federal Government. By contrast, soldiers paid by Nigerian taxpayers are deployed to keep round-the-clock guard at Magels Resort, a commercial guest house owned by Mrs. Jonathan. The guest house has been shut down for several years and is undergoing extensive renovation that began about six weeks ago. In addition to the presence of armed soldiers, a brand new armed personnel carrier is also permanently stationed at the premises of the First Lady’s guest house. Apart from the guest house, Mrs. Jonathan also owns a five-star hotel in the Okaka area of Yenagoa. The hotel, which construction was recently completed, is also heavily guarded by operatives of the JTF. Mrs. Jonathan, who is notorious for greed and corruption, has acquired extensive landed properties in both Rivers and Bayelsa states. Her desire to control the politics of her home state of Rivers State is a big element in a simmering political crisis that turned bloody last week. Lawmakers loyal to Mrs. Jonathan stormed the state legislature with a contingent of thugs in a daring attempt to hijack the leadership of the legislative body. Outraged by the absurd turn of events, Nobel laureate Prof Wole Soyinka called on President Jonathan to restrain his wife’s meddlesomeness in the governance of Rivers State. You may wish to know that Mrs. Jonathan had bankrolled the lavish wedding ceremony of one of the four lawmakers who spearheaded the chaos in the state assembly."

NDLEA To Probe More Celebrities Following Tonto Dikeh’s Indian Hemp Photos On Instagram

Nollywood Actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh denied being in possession of hard drugs claiming the photographs of a wrap of hemp and grains that formed the letters, ‘Happy birthday POKO’ on her Instagram page were photoshopped.

But the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has said it is keeping tabs on her and other celebrities for drug trafficking, abuse and links with drug cartels.

The campaign was triggered by Dikeh’s June 28, photos where she reportedly also posted a photograph of herself with the inscription, ‘Mi smoke ganja mi smoke weed while my haterz smoke ma gossip.’
In an interview with Punch, the Head, Public Affairs, NDLEA, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, saidthat Nollywood stars had been prosecuted for drug-related offences.
He said, “We are beaming our searchlight on more celebrities with regard to drug trafficking and abuse. “The arrest and conviction of Nollywood stars, Hassanat Akinwande, popularly known as Wunmi, and Tochi Uche have clearly shown that some members in the sector are vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation by drug cartels. “We have a responsibility to investigate and identify anyone involved in drug trafficking and use. 

We are deeply concerned, when such personalities are linked with drugs because of their large number of fans.” Ofoyeju said the implication of having celebrities dealing in hard drugs was that their fans might like to act like their role models. He added that the improper conduct of a celebrity might have “ripple effects” on their followers.

“This will not be treated with kid gloves. It is counterproductive to the country’s drug abuse prevention campaign. Any breach of the NDLEA Act will not be condoned,” he stated. The NDLEA spokesman said sniffer dogs had been instrumental to major drug seizures in the country. “The heroin hidden inside woollen rug carpets imported from Pakistan was detected by the sniffer dogs. 

The dogs help to detect drugs that ordinarily are difficult to uncover, using normal search techniques,” he said.  He further said the agency had not recorded any drug seizure on private jets, adding, “We are taking measures to ensure that drug trafficking cartels do not use such jets.” NDLEA, which said it would investigate Dikeh, had hinted that the actress and singer risked a minimum of 15 years in jail for allegedly encouraging the consumption of hemp.

Rapper Big Sean 'fingers' model during photo shoot for mag

rapper Big Sean posing with a naked model with his fingers in her privates. It's a photo shoot for Flaunt magazine.

Boko Haram Denies Ceasefire With Nigeria, Threatens To Burn Down More Schools

In a 15-minute video, received by The Associated Press through intermediaries, the Boko Haram sect headed by Abubakar Shekau has denied entering into any ceasefire agreement with the Federal Government.

A denial which contradicts last week Monday’s claim by Minister of Special Duties, Kabiru Turaki. Speaking in native Hausa in the video, Shekau said: We will not enter into any agreement with non-believers or the Nigerian government.

The Quran teaches that we must shun democracy, we must shun Western education, we must shun the constitution. Rather, shaking a finger while cradling an assault rifle in the video, the bearded leader of Nigeria's extremist Islamic sect threatened to burn down more schools and kill teachers. Though he denies his fighters are killing children.

We don’t touch small children, we only burn the schools. Our religion does not permit us to touch small children and women, we don’t kill children. 
School teachers who are teaching Western education? We will kill them! We will kill them!" he warns, wagging his finger.

We support the work (attacks) they did at the school at Mamudo and Damaturu, and other attacks in other schools. And we are going to burn down more schools, if they are not Islamic religious schools for Allah.

Mr Shekau however confirmed that Boko Haram wasn't responsible for the attack on a government secondary school in Mamudo where about 28 students and a teacher were killed, burnt alive when gunmen attacked the school.

I Have Forgiven My Foes – Al- Mustapha

*Relieves prison experience
 *Abachas, grandmother set to receive him in Kano today…

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, says he has forgiven those behind his 14 years sojourn in prison.

In an interview aired on BBC Hausa Service, yesterday, the former Abacha security goon said “there was conscious effort by those behind my travail to paint me black before the whole world, but my gratitude goes to God for allowing truth to triumph over falsehood”. He spoke about 24 hours after the Court of Appeal set him free.

Al-Mustapha stated: “The last 14 years of my life was spent between solitary confinement that lasted five years and three months and detention in about 32 facilities located within the northern and southern parts of the country.”

Recounting his experience in prison, the former CSO declared: “I was toughened by my professional calling and my belief as a Muslim to persevere in whatever condition one finds himself”, stressing that 14 years from home had been tough and laden with lesson of life

The one-time feared Major, in the emotional interview, said, “I am fully convinced that my travail was ordained by God to test my will and trust in Him and those laying claim to have played a role must have done that out of ignorance, and I bear no grudge against them.

“I have learnt a lot lessons from my incarceration and, from what I have seen at the maximum prison, there is a number of people who are being detained illegally across the prisons and those in position of authority must do something to address the issue”.

He added: “I am still a major in the Nigerian Army, and cannot be dragged into politics especially since I have been out for so long. I don’t think of politics, my major preoccupation now is how to reunite with my profession.”

Meanwhile, barring any last-minute change in plan, Maryam Sani Abacha, wife of the late Head of state, Abacha, is set to lead the entire Abacha family to receive him at Malam Aminu Kano International Airport as he returns home today. Al-Mustapha’s grandmother was also said to be anxious to see him.

Supporters and well-wishers of the freed former CSO were, yesterday, said to be planning to hold a rally for honour their hero.

A jingle by Muhammad Abacha, eldest son of the late Head of State, ran on virtually all radio stations in Kano, calling on Kano people to come out en masse to welcome Al Mustapha back home.

Palpable festivities enveloped the city of nine million people as many were seen discussing today’s event that promised to attract hundreds of thousands of people.

Al-Mustapha’s private residence, located at Lamido Crescent, Nassarawa GRA, wore a new look with increased activities as hordes of people were seen trooping in and out of the house.

Sunday Vanguard checks round the city showed posters of the late Abacha dotted strategic streets with those of Al-Mustapha.


PHOTOS From Yemi Sax & Shola Durojaiye's White Wedding In Lagos

Incredibly talented Saxophonist, Adeyemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax and his lover, Shola Durojaiye tied the knots at a grand white wedding in Lagos. The wedding was held at Xovar Lounge, behind Bespoke Centre Lagos on Saturday 14th, July 2013.

It is interesting to note that the wedding took place exactly a year after Yemi and Shola began to date. Teju Babyface was the Master of Ceremony of the really colourful wedding.

In attendance were friends from the entertainment industry. See pictures below:

BBA: Beverly Kissed and F*ngered by Angelo

After having so much to drink, Naija’s representative Beverly and Mr, Dada (Angelo) retired to the
oom and were pictured on the bed with Angelo fingering Beverly. Beverly was so high that she was all over Angelo, if not for Bassey; something else would have happened.

it first started with a kiss before Anglelo cunningly used his fingers to infiltrate Beverly's 'inner sanctum'. Beverly screamed like a toad when he touched it.

The most annoying part of the whole bed stuff, Pokello and Elikem were both there watching the whole show.

What do you think about Beverly now? Some are saying she is a disgrace to the country but how many of us can control ourselves under the influence of alcohol?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez tie the knot

According to multiple media outlets, Halle Berry, 46, and Olivier Martinez, 47, are married. The pair tied the know at the Chateau des Conde in Olivier's native France yesterday Saturday July 12th.

Conceive or face jail – Mugabe tells gay couples

President Robert Mugabe on Friday threatened to jail gay and lesbian couples who fail to conceive any offspring as he launched his party’s campaign for this month’s general election, newzimbabwe reports. The Zanu PF leader also attacked bitter rival and coalition partner Morgan Tsvangirai for his bed-hopping habits saying it was inconceivable that such a character could want to lead the country. Mugabe, a rabid critic of homosexuality returned to the theme as he addressed thousands of supporters in Harare’s Highfield township.

He said he was shocked to learn that US President Barack Obama had called on African countries to embrace the practice. The Zanu PF leader said in Shona: ‘Ndakanzva Obama achiti ah, dai muno muAfrica mabvuma kuti murume nemurume vachate, mukadzi nemukadzi vachate, ndikati nhai nhai, taitoti baba vako zvaari mutema, iwe uneruva neruzivo netsika dzevatema waakunotora zvevarungu futi! Apparently joking Mugabe added: 
‘So how would they (gay couples) have children? ‘I should like to shut them-up in some room and see if they get pregnant; if they don’t then its jail because they have claimed they can have children. So, to that kind of rot, we say no, no, no, no!’ 

Continuously breaking into laughter as he warmed up to his gay bashing, Mugabe further criticised the Anglican Church for blessing homosexual marriages which he said was taboo among Africans. He dared lesbians who assume the role of the husband in their relationships to prove that they were indeed ‘men’. ‘Women are also engaged in this vile activity. 

We have some claiming to be men but what is it that makes you a man? ‘Show us your manhood; you want to make other women your wives and you the husband? Well, that is madness; we refuse to accept that,’ he said. And in, an apparent reference to the late President Canaan Banana, the Zanu PF leader said his government once jailed ‘vakuru vepamusorosoro’ for forcing himself on other men. 

He also singled out Tsvangirai for strong criticism over his alleged bed-hopping and warned voters against electing, as President, a man of questionable moral standing. Tsvangirai has faced accusations of serial dating, illegitimate children and bigamy.

His wedding to wife Elizabeth Macheka, last year, faced a few hitches after it emerged the MDC-T leader was customarily married to another woman while a South African lover also approached the courts to stop the intended nuptials.

Early Morning Sex...... Good for You?

When that alarm clock goes off in the morning, most of the time it is the last thing that you want to hear, unless it means that you get to have a little fun with your partner before the day starts. 

$ex in the morning has been shown to make you look younger and feel healthier. Kinsey Institute for Research in $ex, Gender, and Reproduction has data that shows that people 18-29 years old have $ex an average of 112 times per year, 30-39 year olds an average of 86 times per year, and 40-49 year olds an average of 69 times per year. 

They say 58% of these encounters take place from 11pm to 1am. Glen Rowan, a $exologist, says that morning is the hottest time of the day to engage in a little activity, especially if your partner wakes up with a little “Morning Glory”. 

It can kick-start your day and help both of you to get into sync with each other. For example if one person wakes up grumpy and the other is happy and cheerful, having $ex can help you to lift the spirits of the other so that you both end up happy. 

Early morning is usually the best time if you have children too as they are in their deepest sleep phase in the early morning hours so they are less likely to wake up and barge in. 

While you may not find morning breath, drowsiness, and body odor all that $exy, remember that the pros of morning “nookie” outweigh the cons. Having “intimacy” in the morning helps your immune system as Immunoglobulin A is released more during morning  $ex which boosts your immune system.

Morning “intimacy” can also improve your mood as your serotonin levels increase when having an 0rgasm. It can increase fertility in a woman and raise the quality of sperm in men. It can also help to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease.

good morning

Cory Monteith (Glee) Found Dead

Apparently he died from drug overdose in Canada

Why can't the youth of today enjoy their fame without drugs? So sad


Celebrities Angered By The Zimmerman Verdict

Zimmerman was recently proved not guilty in their murder of  Trayvon martin under the guise of self defense

This has sparked a lot of reaction on the social media site and raising the ugly head of racism once again

Some reactions below

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Anti-corruption nonprofit Transparency International, TI, has released its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer, which surveyed residents in 107 countries, ranking Nigeria, Zambia, Paraguay, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Venezula and Russia as the largest countries on the globe with active corruption indices with Liberia and Mongolia leading the table.

According to the report, the world’s corrupt nations differ in many ways. Four are located in Africa, three in Latin America and two in Asia.

These nations also vary considerably in size and population. Mongolia has just 3.2 million residents, while Mexico, Nigeria and Russia are three of the largest countries on the globe, each with more than 100 million people. In Nigeria, 84% of those surveyed by Transparency International claimed corruption had increased in the past two years, a higher percentage than almost any other country in the world.

Troublingly, 75% of those surveyed also said the government was, at best, ineffective at fighting corruption, worse than in all but 10 countries. TI says Nigeria is heavily dependent on the oil industry, yet the government refuses to act on accusations that the oil companies are underreporting the value of the resources they extract and the tax they owe by billions of dollars. The report adds that “certain transparency groups also blamed politicians for encouraging corruption. In 2012, Nigeria had just the 37th largest GDP in the world, despite having the world’s seventh largest population.

In Liberia, the majority of Liberians surveyed said they believed the country was run either largely or entirely by a few entities acting in their own self interest. “A world-leading 86% of residents who spoke to Transparency International claimed their government had been either ineffective or very ineffective at fighting corruption, while 96% of residents claimed Liberia’s legislature was corrupt, also the highest percentage of any nation.

A stunning 75% of residents surveyed claimed they had paid a bribe to secure some service, trailing only Sierra Leone. “In all, 80% of the population had at one point been asked to pay a bribe. Recently, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf fired the country’s auditor general for corruption.Many of those surveyed in the highly corrupt countries also felt their governments were not holding up their end of the bargain.”

According to the report, “in seven of the nine countries, more than half of those questioned felt their government was ineffective at fighting corruption. In Liberia, 86% of residents surveyed said their government was ineffective at fighting the problem. This was the largest proportion of any of the 107 nations Transparency International surveyed. While corruption appears to affect every part of the public sector, certain segments were much worse than the rest. “Globally, at least 60% of respondents claimed political parties and police were corrupt.

Additionally, more than 50% of people stated their legislature, their public officials and their judiciary were corrupt.In the world’s most corrupt nations, those institutions were, naturally, even worse. In Nigeria, 94% of people claimed their political parties were corrupt, the most in the world. Similarly, 96% of Liberians reported their legislature was corrupt, also the most in the world. In eight of the nine most corrupt nations, more than 80% of residents considered the police to be corrupt.”


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