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Why I abandoned my baby in the bush – Mother confesses

Why I abandoned my baby in the bush – Mother confesses:
by Rachel Ogbu
Photo: clemsdebes
Photo: clemsdebes
The mother of an abandoned child left in the bush in Abuja has turned up to claim her daughter back while begging for financial assistance.
According to reports, Favour Abdulazeez told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that she abandoned her baby because she was jobless, divorced and had no means of fostering the child.
She narrated how she placed the baby in a carton and left in the bush but had maintained a safe distance so she could know who picked the baby up.
“All along, I was monitoring the baby’s situation, I know those who picked the baby and took her to the police.
“I was listening to their conversation from my hideout, I even followed them from a distance when they were taking my baby away,” she said.
“I told the police that I would take care of my baby if only the government would assist me with a job or a trade no matter how small,’ she said.
The Premium Times report:
Inspector  Yahaya Musa, the Police Area Command in Gwagwalada, FCT, had on Friday declined comments on the matter, saying that he was not authorised to speak to newsmen on the matter.
Mr. Musa instead referred NAN reporter to the social welfare unit of the Gwagwalada Area Council for further enquiries.
Hanatu Turu, Head of the Social Welfare Department of Gwagwalada Area Council, said that she was aware of the incident.
She said the police should be allowed to conclude their investigations.
Ms. Abdulazeez was said to have been delivered of the baby girl on June 13 and secretly put her in a carton and took her to a nearby bush behind her house at night, where she abandoned the baby.
A resident in the area, who pleaded anonymity, told NAN that Abdulazeez is her neighour, adding that it was the cry of the baby that drew the attention of passers-by who later took the baby to the police outpost.

Kim And Kanye Name Baby Girl 'North West'

Kim And Kanye Name Baby Girl 'North West':
Sometime ago, word spread that Kanye and KiM were toiling with the idea of naming their then unborn child North West but at that time, the idea seemed very far fetched as the sex of Kimye's baby had not been confirmed.

However, contrary to initial reports that the tot was named  'Kaidence Donda'-Donda after Kanye's late mum-,confirmed reports from multiple sources including E!(the station behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians) state that the baby was indeed named 'North West.'

North who has no middle name, will be called 'Nori' for short, reveals a close family source.

"Kanye is so in love with her. He won't leave her side," the source continues.

It will be recalled that Kim 33, initially due in July had her baby 5 weeks early on Saturday June 15, 2013, at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

See photo of birth certificate after the cut:

Photo of birth certificate

North West, really? OK.

Nigerians To Pay £3,000 Cash Bond To Visit UK

Nigerians To Pay £3,000 Cash Bond To Visit UK:
Visitors from Nigeria and other “high risk” countries in Asia and Africa will be forced to pay a £3,000 cash bond before they can enter United Kingdom.

From November, a pilot scheme will target visitors from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and Ghana who will have to pay the UK government a form of cash guarantee or deposit to deter immigration abuse. They will forfeit the £3,000 if they overstay in Britain and fail to return to their home countries by the time their visa has expired.

The controversial move by the UK home secretary, Theresa May, to introduce the Australian-style system reflects her determination to show that the Conservatives are serious about cutting immigration in the UK.

Ms May said: “This is the next step in making sure our immigration system is more selective, bringing down net migration from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands, while still welcoming the brightest and the best to Britain.”

She added: “In the long run we’re interested in a system of bonds that deters overstaying and recovers costs if a foreign national has used our public services.”

The Home Office is targeting countries which have high volumes of visitor visa applications and what it deems to be relatively high levels of fraud and abuse.

Meanwhile, Nigeria and South Africa on Tuesday signed an agreement aimed at ending visa acquisition by holders of official and diplomatic passports.

Both Presidents, Jacob Zuma and  Goodluck Jonathan met in Cape Town, South Africa where various issues were discussed on how to improve on relationship between both countries as they agreed on so many issues aimed at boosting development in the continent.

 When I first saw learnt about the SA visa waiver, it looked like a welcome development until I learnt that it was for official passport holders(blue passport) and diplomatic passport holders only.

No doubt, Nigerians have a tendency to abuse visa flexibility, however the proposed UK immigration reform about to take effect is very unwelcome. There are other ways in my view to ensure selective immigration. Its bad enough that Nigerians pay exorbitantly sums for visa fees already.

The government keeps allowing its citizens to be treated like trash by countries who have so much to gain from Nigeria.

South Africa Now Visa-Free For Nigerian Passport Holders

South Africa Now Visa-Free For Nigerian Passport Holders:
Nigeria and South Africa on Tuesday signed an agreement aimed at ending visa acquisition by holders of official and diplomatic passports.
Ministers from both countries have been charged to ensure the effective implementation of the newly signed instruments and the conclusion of outstanding agreements.
Both Presidents, Jacob Zuma and Goodluck Jonathan met in Cape Town, South Africa where various issues were discussed on how to improve on relationship between both countries as they agreed on so many issues aimed at boosting development in the continent.
Beside the visas waiver agreement both countries also signed eight other bilateral agreements which include, cooperation in legal field, oil and gas sectors, power sector development, environment,defence cooperation, women development and empowerment as well as child development.
The bilateral agreements also cover geology, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy and fields of information and communication technology.
For both presidents, stronger ties between both countries is necessary if the continent’s fortune is to be improved.
In his view, President Zuma said, ”we have a duty to take this historic relationship further. Our two countries have already grown very warm bilateral relations structured through the bi-national commission that was officially inaugurated in 1999,”.
The meeting also afforded President Zuma the opportunity to express his joy also the number of South African companies doing businesses in Nigeria, the biggest investment being in the telecommunication sector.
He further noted that it is the intention of South Africa to expand to other sectors such as engineering, construction, banking, oil and the media.
He also advocated for both countries to promote people to people relationship especially through tourism which he said has generated huge Foreign Direct Investment for the country.
“Last year alone, South Africa received a total of 73,282 Nigerian tourists which is an 13.8percent increase from 2011 contributing about 720million Rands to the South African economy within the period.”
In his responding, President Jonathan, described the signing of nine bilateral agreements between the two countries is a major achievement that would enhance the critical role of Nigeria and South Africa in transforming the continent,
The President later addressed joined session of the South African parliament where he re-echoed the need for the two countries to strengthen partnership in growing the continent’s economy.


"If You Don't Respect My Age, Respect My Height" - Kelly Hansome disses M.I on Twitter

"If You Don't Respect My Age, Respect My Height" - Kelly Hansome disses M.I on Twitter:

From his Tweets, Kelly Hansome is mad because M.I is still performing his 'Beef' track, where he called him and another artiste out. See more Tweets after the cut...

Fire Consumes Family Of 6 In Portharcourt

Fire Consumes Family Of 6 In Portharcourt:
A family of six perished in an early morning inferno yesterday in Port Harcourt. Nobody could say what caused the fire but neighbors of the deceased family members told sources that the fire started at about 2pm.

According to the landlord of the house, located at number 17, New Estate Road, Railway Quarters, they heard was a loud explosion. What followed next, he stated, were balls of fire.

The residents claimed they ran out of their apartments in the confusion, adding that the explosion came from the apartment of the deceased family members.

They said three boys, a girl and their parents were those consumed in the fire. They put the ages of the children at twenty two, seventeen, nine and seven years. According to a source, two other daughters of the deceased parents were not at home when the incident occurred.
Sunday Vanguard gathered that the two other children relocated from home to write the ongoing West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE.

Neighbors said the father was a taxi driver while the wife was a petty trader. At press time, there was wailing in the compound.
The landlord, who did not want his name in print, could not hold back tears, saying he wished lives were not lost in the fire.

“If the fire had only consumed the building leaving the lives, we would all have been consoled. But losing a family of six is a heavy loss”, he lamented.
Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Angela Agabe, who confirmed the incident, said she was still awaiting details.

Don Jazzy Donates N1million to Support OJB’s Kidney Transplant

Don Jazzy Donates N1million to Support OJB’s Kidney Transplant:
Mavin Records CEO/producer, Michael Collins better known as “Don Jazzy” and D’banj’s former Mo’Hits partner has donated a sizeable amount to assist OJB.

OJB Jazreel is a Nigerian producer and is currently in need of $100,000 (N16,000,000) for a kidney transplant. The Mavin boss has contributed N1million to support the producer.

Don Jazzy is well known for his generosity. He is quiet, gentle, talented, he donated at least N4million to people who needed medical help last year. He also gives N100,000 to a lucky fan randomly in what he calls #MakeSomeoneHappyDaily.

Here are the details for donation
Name: Babatunde Okungbowa
Bank: UBA
Acct: 1015075120

Meet Seyi Kolade,The Woman Who Has Slept With 370 Men At 35

Meet Seyi Kolade,The Woman Who Has Slept With 370 Men At 35:

Approaching a man at a bar, Seyi Kolade had only one thing on her mind as she chatted with the stranger - sex. Within hours the pair were in bed together and she was delighted at how her evening had panned out.

And this was not a chance encounter, for Seyi was a sex addict and it was what she did almost every day for 13 years. Last night she said: “Sex addiction took hold of my life.”

Seyi, 35, was just 17 when she became dependent on sleeping with men. By 19 she'd had 40 partners and she says she has bedded a shocking total of 370 men.

Her dangerous addiction led her to a life of destruction - catching sexually transmitted infections, being evicted from her home and having two terminations.

By the age of 30, Seyi had hit rock bottom and needed help. Today, after attending numerous sex addiction meetings and 12-step programmes, Seyi has been celibate for four years and is helping others like her.

She explains says: “Sex addiction is something people associate with men, but it took hold of my life for more than 13 years.
“It was a craving and a fear of how I’d feel if I couldn’t get it.
“Once I did, it was a huge relief, like a weight was lifted.
“It’s like any addiction. It made me selfish, self-destructive and depressed but it was a cycle I couldn’t escape.”

She adds: “I lost my virginity when I was 13 with my first boyfriend.
“I was shocked when I fell pregnant. I gave birth when I was 14. It was a very difficult time.”
Social services arranged a nanny to look after her daughter, Sarah, from six weeks old.
Being a young mum scarred Seyi’s childhood. She says: “I moved out of home when I was 16 with Sarah and lived in a mother and baby unit. I felt terribly lonely. I craved affection, I was miserable.”

Moving into a housing association home at 17, Seyi met then-boyfriend Paul, 31.
It was now that she began to use sex to replace her feelings of loneliness.
She says: “When I started having sex with my boyfriend I thought it was the answer and would stop me feeling so lonely. But it wasn’t enough.”
Going to bars, Seyi, from Birmingham, cheated on Paul at least once a week with strangers or men she would meet regularly.

She says: “I needed sex and afterwards it was a relief. When I couldn’t made love my confidence would plummet, I felt ugly and went into a spiral of upset and frustration, feeling unworthy and needing another fix as soon as possible.”
Seyi fell pregnant at 17 with son, Andrew. She says: “I told Paul it was his although there was some doubt in my mind. After I gave birth I tried to stay faithful. I wanted sex with him four to five times a day, but the attention from him wasn’t enough.
“When the pent-up sexual frustration became too much, I’d go elsewhere and get validation through sex.
“I cheated on him three times in six months, then fell pregnant again.”
Devastated and unable to look after another child, Seyi made the decision to have her baby terminated.
She says: “It wasn’t fair on the child to have them. I didn’t know whose baby it was so I didn’t tell Paul. I wanted our relationship to work but we split up when I was 19.”
Seyi’s heartbreak made her sex addiction go wild. She says: “The only cure for my loneliness was sex. I had five guys I could meet with for sex when I wanted and was also sleeping with strangers. I’d go to bars and easily pick one up. Being good in bed made me feel worthy.”
By 22 Seyi had caught chlamydia twice. Going out almost every night while her children were looked after by friends and family, all she could think about was sex.
She says: “Between the ages of 22 to 30, life was a blur, my addiction had taken over.
“I was sleeping with five to six men, or meeting strangers for sex at bars weekly. I fell pregnant again at 26. I felt I had no choice but to have a termination. I got drunk and had sex After the procedure.
“I don’t know how I managed to keep my job as a management consultant. I took lots of sick days when I craved sex and couldn’t face the office. I even slept with a colleague.
“I was evicted for not paying rent when I was 29 and had to send my children to live with my family.”

While staying with a friend Seyi saw the documentary The Secret, about the laws of attraction. She says: “I knew I had a problem but never stopped to think about being a sex addict. I realised I needed help.”

After quitting her job to concentrate on her recovery Seyi, then 31, went to an addiction meeting.
She says: “There were six others there and when I listened to their stories it cured my nerves. I didn’t stop craving sex straight away but cut down slowly.” Since August 2009 she has been celibate.
She says: “I’m so proud of myself. I’ve craved sex but the programme lets me know the trigger signs.
“I don’t plan on having sex any time soon. If the right guy comes along and I feel I’m in a stable, loving relationship, I’d feel safe to do it. I have my children back living with me and feel I’m no longer a sex addict.

“I’d hate to think where my life would be now if I hadn’t sought help.”
Despite her recovery, Seyi lives with the guilt of her addiction. She says: “I could have passed on STIs, I had two terminations and my kids didn’t have the attention they deserved.
“I’ve now trained as an inspirational speaker and happiness advocate. At workshops and seminars I can help others understand what sex addiction is, where it comes from and recovery.
“Being celibate has given me my life back. I want to help others do the same.”

White Nigerian proposes to girlfriend on stage at the AY Live show (PHOTOS)

White Nigerian proposes to girlfriend on stage at the AY Live show (PHOTOS):
 Mohammed Jammal, popularly known as the White Nigerian recently proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Maricel Romero during the AY Live show on Sunday, June 19 at the ThisDay Dome in Abuja.

How romantic.

See more photos below:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mikel Obi set to leave Chelsea for Galatasaray

Mikel Obi set to leave Chelsea for Galatasaray:
Super Eagles midfielder John Mikel Obi is set to move to
Galatasaray from Chelsea. Mikel told Sabah, a daily Turkish newspaper that the Turkey football club made an offer that he's very pleased with and is looking forward to life in Istanbul.

'I asked Drogba for advice and he told
me that Istanbul is a fantastic city, that Galatasaray is a huge club
and that I have to make the move. I have played at Chelsea for a long time and it's now time for me to leave.

'I'm still only 26 and it's great to
receive an offer from a club (Galatasaray) playing Champions League
football and doing well in the competition.'
Talks have reached an
advanced level between Chelsea and Galatasaray. Chelsea won't make the
move difficult and regarding my salary there won't be a problem. All that is left is for the clubs to reach an agreement.'
Mikel leaving Chelsea for Galatasaray is not a good idea, is it?

D'banj acquires Suit of Money from Okunoren worth $25, 000

D'banj acquires Suit of Money from Okunoren worth $25, 000:
International superstar, entertainer and Oliver Twist
crooner, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’banj is always breaking new grounds
in terms of his wardrobe and clothing items. In a recent newspaper interview,
he confirmed he wears the same wristwatch as American rapper Jay-Z, valued at

He has been appointed as the Hennessy Artistry artiste for
2013 and also recently became the Goodwill ambassador for the Bank of Industry.
D’banj has continued to rise in stardom despite his split from erstwhile partner
and friend, Don Jazzy. He has continued to command huge sums of money in
endorsements, appearances and performances thus still making him the highest
earning Nigerian artiste of all time. His DKM concert being held on June 23rd
2013 at the Eko Hotel & Suites will feature International rapper, 2Chainz
as well as another surprise guest.

Okunoren Twins

This increasing earning power has also led to an increase in
spending as D’banj just took delivery of what is known as the “Suit of Money”.
Designed by Okunoren, Nigeria’s leading clothing brand, the Suit is made of
actual One Hundred Dollar bills and cost a whopping $25,000, which is
approximately N3.7 million. It was entirely sewn by hand in London but was then
taken to Italy for the specialized Milanese buttonholes to be done at the same
factory used by Tom Ford.

His new song titled Blame it on the Money”, featuring Snoop
Lion and fellow Good Music act Big Sean goes further to emphasize his wealth
where he states he is unapologetic for being rich, it is set to become one of
the major anthems this summer.

Vector at war with his record label, YSG. Arrested twice by his label

Vector at war with his record label, YSG. Arrested twice by his label:
One of Nigeria's foremost rappers Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, popularly known as Vector Tha Viper is currently at war with his label, YSG Ent - recently discovered to
be a division Young Shall Grow Motors company, led by Obiora Obianodo, (Pictured right) the first son of  Chief Vincent Obianodo, the MD of Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.

The disagreement between Vector and his label started a few months back after the rapper complained about his progress-rate and
the label's nonchalant attitude towards his career and simply
suggested more professional hands be employed to help his career, which
the label took as a threat, and when they refused to heed to his suggestions, Vector hired hands he
was paying personally.

He has been with the label for over four years and never asked to leave, all he asked for according to his camp was more work and results. Things actually got worse after Vector took a self-sponsored vacation to the US and returned to his record boss' anger,
claiming he went to the States to sign a record deal. Continue...

Weeks after, Vector received and invitation letter from the Commissioner of
Police of Lagos state and was summoned to the Area-E command (Festac). On
getting there, he was presented with a "breach of contract" petition,
claiming that he has engaged external hands to work for him. His parents
got involved (as his dad is a retired police officer), and it
was settled amicably.

Feeling unsafe and threatened, Vector surrendered the car and apartment
provided for him by the label and acquired a replacement for himself.
Thinking this was over, Vector went about his daily life (as lawyers were
already handling the case) till the 10th of June. He was to be shooting
his scene of the Ghetto RMX video by Shank, at his childhood
neighbourhood (Mcarthy Barracks, Obalende, Lagos), when men of the police
force came to seize him and his personal manager (Michael Umoru) and
took them all the way back to Festac, this time it was a proper arrest
and they were detained from 3pm till 10pm when his lawyers came through.

According to sources close to Vector, he has been receiving series of personal threats from the
label, and he hasn't felt so safe and really did not want to talk to
the press about it.

Just yesterday, his twitter account(@vectorYSG) with
over 100,000 followers suddenly disappeared, and has been
confirmed to be deactivated by his label.

Vectors manager says a new twitter handle @VECTORTHAVIPER has been
activated and is now his artistes official handle, alongside the launch
of his official Website As at the time of compiling this report, efforts to reach his record label has been abortive.

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Tinubu Embarrassed In Dubai For Associating With Buhari

Tinubu Embarrassed In Dubai For Associating With Buhari:
Leader of the ACN and former governor of Lagos state, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu got the shocker of his life after he was publicly humiliated by Kogi Senator and former President of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Senator Smart Adeyemi who asked him at a party in Dubai why he would serve a man who truncated democracy! Tinubu was stunned at the effrontery of Adeyemi as was the audience. Tinubu, along with controversial former minister of the Federal Capital Teritorry, Nasir Elrufai, immediately left the hall after the incident apparently angered that Adeyemi put Tinubu on the spot.

A large number of the who is who in the Nigerian socio-political and economic strata had stormed the City of Dubai in the UAE for the society wedding of the son of oil mogul, Chief Jide Omokore, Tosin and his heartthrob, Faisal, daughter of Ambassador Azeez Musa.

There were no fewer than 20 senators on hand, including Senate spokesman, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, Senator Smart Adeyemi, Senators Magareth Okadigbo, Zainab Kure, Gbenga Ashafa, Olugbenga Onaolapo Obadara, Boluwaji Kunlere, Anthony Adeniyi, Clever Ikisikpo, Aisha Jummai Alhassan, Esther Nenadi Usman, Olubunmi Adetunmbi and a former member of the upper chamber, Senator Joseph Akaagerger.

Besides the heavy Senate representation, the crème de la crème of Lagos was also represented. The Asiwaju of Lagos, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu; the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu; a number of red cap chiefs, a former Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Lagos State, Mr. Dele Alake; and a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai were also at the wedding.

Governors in attendance included the Akwa-Ibom State helmsman, Chief Godswill Akpabio and his wife; Kogi State governor, Captain Idris Wada; a former Military Administrator of Oyo State, General David Jemibewon, former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmadu Alli; former governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris; Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Segun Aganga, among many others.

Something no one was prepared for, however, happened at the hall. As guests were getting seated, the lot fell on the Chairman of Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Senator Smart Adeyemi, to welcome the dignitaries on behalf of the groom’s family. The Senator, a broadcaster, went on and on reeling out the long list of the high and mighty.

A drama was to play out between Senator Adeyemi and Senator Tinubu. Adeyemi, who since he left behind his camera and microphone, has imbibed the art of politicking just like the veterans, took Tinubu by surprise.

He started by recognising Tinubu as the landlord of Chief Jide Omokore in Lagos. He said Tinubu had shown himself as a good landlord at that and that he was proud of Tinubu’s political prowess. He stated that looking at Tinubu’s attainments so far, he should not be seen as Asiwaju of Lagos, but Asiwaju of the entire kaaro o ojiire (Yorubaland). Tinubu was elated, seeing a key opposition politician eulogise him to high heavens.

Sources at the gathering told Sunday Tribune that the former Lagos governor never knew he was in for a shocker from Adeyemi who after reeling out the ACN leader’s pedigree, put the question forward. Why would Tinubu be deploying his democratic credentials in service of undemocratic elements? The hall went into deep silence, but it was not a question and answer session. So, Tinubu could not offer a response. Many of the guests who had offered ceaseless claps as Senator Adeyemi reeled out Tinubu’s credentials were also shocked at the twist.

According to the Kogi senator, Tinubu should be seen as leading the charge towards democratisation of the country, rather than promoting those who have truncated democratic growth of the nation in the past.

Senator Adeyemi said that Since Tinubu should be seen as Asiwaju of the Yoruba race, he was inherently a democrat because the Yoruba were democrats. He added: As democrats, you cannot be seen to be aligned with a dictator.

Senator Adeyemi had said: “I admire Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He is the landlord of the groom’s father in Lagos. A good landlord he is and he has honoured his tenant here today. I looked at his accomplishments in politics and his political antecedents and I say that this man should not just be Asiwaju of Lagos but Asiwaju of the entire Kaaro o ojiire.
“Senator Tinubu sir, I am, however, shocked that someone of your pedigrees will be devoting his political acumen for the service of a non democrat. Someone who had truncated democracy in the past….”

“I want to assure you, Asiwaju, that there is a president in Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, who has fought more battles than any other Nigerian leader in the name of terrorism.
“In 2012, the budget for security was N900 billion; that money is enough to dualise all major roads in Nigeria. It is enough to equip our universities. If that money had entered some African countries, it would cripple the economy, but it was committed to security because of terrorism.

“Goodluck Jonathan can be likened to a pilot who took off and suddenly entered into turbulence. With patience and perseverance, he weathered the storm. Today, he has reached the cruising level and he is cruising towards 2015. I believe you should be with this president as a democrat and not with a dictator.”

The hall initially went into pin-drop silence, but then erupted in huge ovations for the Kogi senator. Tinubu felt the shocking twist to the senator’s prolonged eulogy. But it was not a question and answer session so he could not offer a response.

Afterwards, Tinubu and the former FCT Minister, el-Rufai, left the venue. They were said to have been apparently unhappy at the decision of Senator Smart to turn the venue to a political gathering.

To cap it all, Senator Adeyemi moved a motion and put the question as it is done in the Senate. He put the question, saying; “those in favour of the solemnisation of Tosin and Faisal here today, say ‘aye’…… and the ayes have it.”

It was not the first time Senator Adeyemi was lashing out at those he blamed for truncating Nigeria’s democracy in the past. During a debate on the remunerations for past presidents and Heads of State, Senator Adeyemi rose on the Senate floor to announce that Nigeria should place a ban on anyone who had truncated democracy in the past. He insisted that anyone who had been seen to act negatively against the growth of Nigeria’s democracy in the past should not be allowed as partakers in the current politics, adding that the punishment for such persons should be life ban from partisan politics


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SolidStar – Antenna (Fuse ODG Cover)

Solid Star  SolidStar   Antenna (Fuse ODG Cover)

Solidstar drops his freestyle version of Fuse ODG’s “Antenna”…

#BBATheChase Eviction: Goodbye Angola

#BBATheChase Eviction: Goodbye Angola:
A big blow has been dealt to Angola tonight as both of the Housemates in The Chase from the Southern African country were sent marching home.

Shy Diamond dudes Biguesas and Neyll became the third pair to be Evicted from Big Brother The Chase. First to receive the news of his fate in the House was Biguesas who took it all in his stride as he smiled and had nothing but love for his fellow Housemates as he made his grand exit from the Diamond House.

Only a few minutes after learning that he had his head thrown under the Eviction guillotine by HoH Selly in order to save Oneal; Neyll then got word from Live Show presenter IK that his journey on The Chase had come to an end. The news of Neyll’s exit was met with shock from the fellow Housemates and the tears flowed in both Houses. Clearly the quite gentleman had a lasting impression on his fellow Housemate in both Houses.

Goodbye Biguesas and Neyll. Good luck to you both in all of your future endeavours.

4 common reasons why sex stops in a relationship

4 common reasons why sex stops in a relationship:
by Dr. Seth Meyers
Many men feel exhausted but don’t feel comfortable expressing vulnerability and telling their partner just how exhausted they are.
Imagine a slow leak under the kitchen sink, with a small pool of water collecting with each drip, drip, drip. The problem with a leak under the sink, of course, is that it often goes unseen. Because the leak isn’t in an obvious part of the house for everyone to see, the little pool of water gradually morphs into a major problem. In a similar way, sex – or lack of it – can become a problem in a relationship. At first, the frequency becomes less and less until one day, the couple stops and realizes just how long it’s been since they’ve been intimate.
In some couples, one member of the couple notices more than the other that the sex has stopped. In other relationships, however, both partners grow detached and emotionally disconnected, and neither wants to acknowledge the problem the lack of sex has become. Do couples have to have sex to be happy? No, but provided that the couple is young and healthy, it is normal for couples to occasionally engage in some type of sexual behavior. When the sex stops, it usually stops for a few basic reasons.
Reason #1: Resentment
Pop quiz: What’s the difference between anger and resentment? The former is a feeling you have in response to an upsetting situation; the latter is accumulated anger over a period of time. Resentment is probably the one element that can erode a relationship more effectively than any other, because it causes one to see the other person as an opponent or enemy rather than a friend or ally. Just imagine having sex with an enemy. Unthinkable, right? It would never happen, which is why sex often stops in relationships where one or both members of the couple has a high level of resentment towards the other.
Reason #2: Boredom or Depression
If the sex has stopped, it may be because one or both members of the couple feel bored or depressed. In terms of boredom, it may stem from feeling stagnant in any of the following areas of life: relationship, career, or social life. Often couples get into set patterns to the point that the spontaneity and excitement goes away.
In terms of depression, it’s critical to understand that the depressed person will rarely voluntarily declare, “I am depressed and need a little help.” In particular, I find that depressed men are far less likely to open up about their depression than women. It can manifest as irritability, too much or too little sleeping, too much or too little eating, withdrawing from friends, and isolating within the home. Rarely will a depressed person feel sexual; the idea of sex sounds too intimate and draining, and that’s a problem when the depressed person already has little energy to spread around.
Reason #3: Exhaustion
Never underestimate how fatigue can impact your sex life. There are many reasons a person may be especially tired, though some of the main reasons include the following: taking care of an infant or young child, working and going to school at the same time, working at a job where you stand or move a lot, having trouble sleeping, and so on. A lot of times, women who have partners who are strong, solid men often have a hard time believing that a strong man could really be so tired that he’d turn down sex. Well, ladies, believe it! Many men feel exhausted but don’t feel comfortable expressing vulnerability and telling their partner just how exhausted they are. For some men, to admit exhaustion would be to admit weakness, distorted as that is.
Reason #4: Losing Interest
This reason, I find, is the one a lot of people are most afraid of when their partner stops wanting to have sex. She’s not attracted to me anymore or I just don’t think he likes me anymore are common versions of the feeling. How can you tell when this is the reason, as opposed to one or a mix of the others? Look at the individual’s overall daily lifestyle, including work habits, social life, exercise schedule, and mood. If he or she is happily and successfully swimming through most parts of their life but simultaneously seem to have little interest in sex with you, it’s very possible that the problem is detachment due to losing interest.
I always tell couples not to worry too much when the sex stops. Sure, you need to figure out the reason and start discussing it together, but it’s not something anyone should panic about or blow out of proportion. The most important takeaway when it comes to the sex stopping in a relationship is to learn to accept that a long-term relationship has cycles, and that sex disappearing is actually a fairly natural trend that occurs at least a few – or few hundred?! – times over the course of the relationship.
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Semi-nude People Still Living In Taraba

Undressed Adam and Eve Still Alive in Taraba, Nigeria

Undressed People Still Alive in Taraba
This may look like a screen shot from the popular movie 'The gods must be crazy' but hey!! this is real and yeah, they literally still live in the stone age. Poverty and diseases ravage their land, like locusts.
A good number of them still dress in the manner of, the Biblical Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden -- stark Unclad -- with fresh leaves for a little covering. You are welcome to the top of the Gerinjina mountain in Gashaka Local Government area of Taraba State.

It was like a story from Mars when a casual talk to the hearing of this reporter indicated that there was a community up the mountain that lived worse than those of the Koma people who were discovered in the mid-1980s by a group of National youth corps members in the then Gongola State, now split into Adamawa and Taraba states. While the Koma community resides in Adamawa State, the new Stone Age people are in Taraba State.
Undressed People Still Alive in Taraba
They are called, the Jibu people and they are descendants of the Kwarafa Kingdom who lived for centuries in nine communities scattered around on the mountains in Gashaka.

Historical accounts have it that the people lived together with their fellow brothers in the kingdom until about 1807 when Fulani Jihadists invaded the kingdom.

They were said to have run to the mountain top where they now live and are completely cut off from other tribes, and by extension the whole world. Not even the activities of the colonial masters reached them, largely because of the difficult terrain of their new abode. The mountain top is characterised by rivers, deep gullies and huge rocks.

Just like any other group of human beings, the Jibu people have their ways of life. These include collective circumcision of boys born within the same age group, a ceremony performed with the use sharp objects.

It is considered a test of strength and character for their boys not to cry during the ceremony. The circumcised are kept on bamboo beds and covered with fresh leaves that are gathered and burnt after the wound has healed.

For a young Jibu man to get a wife, he must serve the family of his bride for five years. Nonetheless, the marriage is determined by the capacity of the woman to conceive. This is measured by a dried long firewood that is set on fire for at least three months, within which if the woman does not become pregnant, the simple communication is the gods do not want the marriage.

Pregnant women work on the farms to the day of their delivery.

They have a communal life and are ruled by the Waziri Garinjina, Tann Shidin Zunbi, who confirmed in an interview with the Nigerian Compass on Saturday that maternal and child mortality rates are high among them.

The Jibu people are neither Christians nor Muslims. Rather, they believe in their own gods and the ancestors.

In an event of violation of their natural laws by any individual, animals are slaughtered to appease the land. It is also a similar story during every cropping season. The harvests are brought before the Waziri for sacrifice to the gods, after which their brand of liquor is prepared for everybody to drink in merriment. Incidentally too, the Jibu people believe that some gods are not friendly with women. Thus, throughout the period of ritual preparations, women remain indoors to avoid being exposed to the gods who could be harmful to them.

When our correspondent visited Gerinjina, their condition of living was worse than that of the much-talked about Koma people. There is no access road. They drink water with animals from the same rivers. In their scattered settlement system, there is no school around except for some missionaries who have a thatched space for that purpose but is yet to have any student. After a day's job on the farm, their women still have the task of grinding raw corn with heavy stones before food is ready for their male counterparts.


Pakistan and Nigeria are world leaders for gay porn Google searches

Pakistan and Nigeria are world leaders for gay porn Google searches:
Nigeria and Pakistan are two of the planet’s most anti-gay countries, so why are residents of both nations searching for so much gay porn?
As eagle-eyed Alex Park pointed out in a recent Mother Jones post , Pakistan is, according to Google Trends , “by volume the world leader for Google searches of the terms ‘shemale sex,’ ‘teen anal sex,’ and ‘man f-cking man.’”
Both Pakistan and Nigeria rank in the top five for Google searches of the term “gay sex pics” and “anal sex pics.” Kenya, another vehemently anti-gay nation, ranked first for both searches.
When the results of a recent Pew Research Center poll  on LGBT acceptance around the globe was published last week, Nigeria and Pakistan emerged as two of the world’s most brutally LGBT intolerant societies.
In Nigeria, where lawmakers recently passed a draconian anti-gay bill that seeks to not only criminalize homosexuality but gay rights as well, only 1 percent of the population said homosexuality should be accepted by society; while in Pakistan, where gay sex continues to be illegal,  it was 2 percent. (It was 8 percent in Kenya.)
So why, despite this overwhelming bias against gays, do people in these two nations seem to be strangely — and unduly — fascinated with gay porn?
Farahnaz Ispahani, a Pakistani politician, told Park that due to societal pressure, most gays in Pakistan are still in the closet and turn to pornography “because they can’t live their lives openly.” She added that, as a result of a lack of an open conversation about gay identity in Pakistan, some men may have physical relationships with others of the same sex without considering themselves gay.
“The gay scene here is very hush-hush ,” Ali, a member of an LGBT support group in Lahore, Pakistan, told the New York Times last year. “I wish it was a bit more open, but you make do with what you have.”
Read more: Huffington Post



Mavin boss,Don Jazzy,while answering questions from fans on Twitter today June 16th,2013 posted photo of his newly acquired Porsche Carrera GT.
The car is worth over $440,000, that's about #70m.


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