So, this is a taste of what is to come. The other night I sat at home and the wireless internet at the house was down. So I started thinking of other ways to get online, desperately needing to get something off the internet.
I then started messing around browsing on my BlackBerry trying to use it as a 3G device in a way, and found something even better.
There is a nifty little app called “Tether”. This application allows you to use your BlackBerry Internet Service (Data Plan) to browse the internet on your laptop/pc.
BlackBerry - Tether
BlackBerry - Tether
Tether is an application that allows you to access the Internet on your computer anywhere there is cellular coverage, through your BlackBerry®smartphone. No more searching and paying for costly WiFi hotspots
How great is that? Free internet on your BB as well as your laptop?
So, how does it work?
Simple, download “Tether” in BlackBerry App World. You then need to download a file to your computer (roughly 40MB if I remember rightly), and that is pretty much it.
There is one slight downside to it – you will receive a 7 day trial on first run of the application.
The actual application license costs about R500.00 +- for a lifetime subscription to the service, and if you ask me, R500.00 is pretty cheap for a free data plan on your laptop.
If you are unsure about how the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) works, please check out this post to learn exactly what that R60.00 is getting you.
So, more stuff like this to come – learn how to make your BlackBerry work for you!
Oh, and check Tether out here.

Article from blackberryblog