Thursday, March 31, 2016

Online Number Plate Verification is Now Possible

No Nigeria is really developing technology wise.  You can now verify your number plate authenticity online. 

I stumbled upon this discovery in one of the whatsapp group I belong.

See below as stated there.

it has been discovered that some people are producing these fake and duplicate number plates and giving out to innocent and un suspicious Nigerians, ripping them off their hard-earned money.

You can check your own now.
(1) Go to
(2) Enter your number in the space provided. Eg "ABC863AP
(3) Click on verify button. Then an information will be displayed below the  button. Because FRSC did not want the general public to see the full details of the registration, you will only see the name of your car and the date of registration.
Here are some samples:
1. This number plate has been produced by FRSC and assigned to Toyota highlander on 20/01/2015. If your car is Toyota highlander, then you are lucky its done. But if your car is for instance Toyota Camry and your verification shows the above message,  then you are in as me. Solution is to go and re-register your car afresh.
2. This number plate has been produced by FRSC and assigned to Matrix however  the vehicle is yet to be registered..... If your car is Matrix, then just go back to the person that registered your car and tell him/her to complete your registration.
3. This plate number has been produced by FRSC but yet to be assign   to any vehicle. It means that they just gave you a number plate that is not even registered in their system. Solution is to go to them to register your car and upload your information.
4. An invalid/wrong number plate. Do I need to explain this, NO.
Verify your car first and sort yourself out with the FRSC before you even proceed to police for tinted permit cos if police are the one to find out, then you know what follows. Many innocent Nigerian are suffering now because of impunity in our institutions
Note: this verification is only applicable to the number plates with this formats ABC123AB not AB123 ABC.

Let us spread this news until everyone is aware of this evil FRSC is perpetrating. You are free to share fast-fast please!!!!!


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