Monday, April 8, 2013

Yansh Pad: The Miracle Working Enhancer!!!

Yansh Pad: The Miracle Working Enhancer!!!:

Women all over Nigeria seem to obsess over one part of their body or the other. It seems like nothing is good enough for them.

One of their obsessions is that of the butt 'Nyansh' and the need to enlarge it. Those who can afford it have gone as far as having surgeries. Some of these surgeries include the 'Brazilian butt augmentation'. Those who can't afford that and don't want to be left behind, have opted for the temporary 'nyansh pad'.

Nyansh pads are the sister accessory of push up bras. It adds more shape to a woman, and they come in different sizes. All a lady has to do is just slip them in between her butt and pants and she is good to go.

Apparently, this 'nyansh pad' obsession has been on for some years now but only came to light in recent times. The trader in the video below said she has been in business for five years ans has nothing less than ten 'nyansh pads' sold in a day! Now you do the math...

Some super sexy celebrities have been accused of wearing this 'nyansh pads'. Some of them include the late Goldie Harvey and Karen Igho. Even international stars like Rihanna and Beyonce have been accused of this.

Here is a peep into the world of traders and their desperate customers.

Even guys are picking up on this with the 'pouch enhancement pads'



What do you think about this 'enhancement craze' going round?
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