Monday, April 8, 2013

Facebook And Google Battle To Acquire Whatsapp

Facebook And Google Battle To Acquire Whatsapp:

An article by DigitalTrend this morning suggests Google has offered $1 Billion to buy Whatsapp. This is the second of such news in recent times when TechCrunch published that Facebook is negotiating with Whatsapp to buy the popular cross-platform mobile instant messenger. This is just a rumor as none of the parties have made any official statement to this regards.

Report has it that Whatsapp is holding out for more than $1 Billion for this deal, if this deal goes through it will be the second of its nature after Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 Billion in 2012. Whatsapp may have become the internet battleground if Facebook and Google are actually bidding to acquire this app.

Which of Facebook or Google will you prefer to acquire this amazing app? Are you undecided like me? I will like to see Whatsapp remain by itself and serve its purpose as it has been than falling into the hands of these “evil geniuses” who will only acquire it to exploit its market value.

Courtesy: Netmediablog
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