Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tecno Phantom Z Vs Infinix Zero

I was torn between these two phones as the tecno gave a good specification and d phantom did a great job in pricing/spec so i had to do some findings. Finally i was able to lay my hands on both and decided to do a different kind of review detailing the little differences not the obvious. Video to cone later

I must say, both of them did a good job. 

For Infinix zero over Phantom z 
- the 13mp camera surprisingly does a better job taking indoor pictures with little or no setting required.
-gorilla glass on the front and behind gives a more secure feeling on d infinix zero, while the tecno feels lighter
-two speakers at the bottom give a slightly better sound than the phantom z
-Screen view adapts better under sunlight 
-Infinix kind of has a white underlying background under settings/call screen but phantom is black, both nice though but I think the black would save more battery.

For Phantom Z over Infinix Zero
-Screen resolution is better
-larger battery capacity on paper.

Tecno was able to steal (or convert 😀) different features from blackberry, Samsung and LG to help the battery last.
-knock to lock and unlock screen feature (from lg)
-notification pad that lights up like a track pad from bb9900
-power saver mode that changes your screen to black and white to save power, similar like what's on S5
-Gestures, u can draw geatures on the screen when its asleep to wake it directy into specific apps, unfortunately, its only music, camera and whatsapp app and not customize-able
-Gestures on the dial pad to automatically call contacts that have been assigned the gesture
-lift to call, while in contacts, lifting the phone to your ear automatically calls the contact u are looking at
-32gb they claim is actually partitioned, 8gb for apps, 16gb for local storage and 8gb for system storage
-Android version is actually more fanciful than that on the infinix zero, both 4.4.2 but infinix zero feels like 4.2 to me
-finally, u get a smart pouch (calls can be answered from the screen of d pouch) and a 5000mah power bank

Phantom z has a lot over the infinix zero but the price of the infinix justifies its features while I think tecno should cost a little less.
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