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How To Transfer Airtime On GLO MTN, Airtel and Etisalat

How To Transfer Airtime On GLO MTN, Airtel and Etisalat:


Before you transfer credit


the Glo network, you must activate Glo ME2U Feature first.
To activate Glo Me2u.
Send “Act” to 131 without quote. They will send you back SMS asking you to create change your password/PIN for securtiy purposes.
How To Change Or Create Glo Me2u Pin
Dial *132*00000*NewPassword*NewPassword# then press send.
*132*00000*1234*1234# then send. 1234 will be replaced with your new pin
Note: your password can only be any 4 digits number e.g 6654, 3534 etc
How To Transfer Credit On Glo
To transfer credit from one glo to another Dial this. *131*recipient’s phone number*Amount*pin# then send.
Example :

*132*705635443*100*1234#then send.
Note: Recipient’s phone number must start without the first zero (0) e.g 7058760987 or 8055475685.

Immediately this is sent, you’ll get a

pop up msg telling you to confirm by pressing 1, To proceed press 1, to cancel the transaction press 2.

Firstly, You need to Create or Change your secret pin. The secret pin is a 4 digit number which give you access to transfer credit to another MTN subscriber. This Pin is kept secret, so that another person might not transfer your credit.
How To To Change My Transfer Pin Changing Password Using Sms
Send the following in an sms
0000 1234 1234 to 777
0000 Is Your Default Pin
1234 Is Your New Pin
1234 Is Your New Pin
You can change 1234 to your desired pin and immediately you send it you

will receive a message telling you your pin has been changed successfully.
To change your PIN via USSD
Dial *601*old/defaultPIN*New PIN*New PIN# then press Send/Ok.
For example if you want to change your default PIN (0000) to 1985, then dial : *601*0000*7890*1985# then press Send/OK.
If PIN change is successful, you will receive an SMS from MTN informing you of the successful change.
How To Transfer Credit On MTN
Type the following in an sms format
Transfer 08138159927 100 1234 and Send it to 777.
Immediately the message is sent, you will receive a message telling you to confirm your request by replying YES. Then you confirm by sending Yes to 777 in sms instantly. After your confirmation, your credit will be transferred from your phone to the

other subscriber.
To transfer credit via USSD.
Dial *600*Recipient’s phone number*amount in Naira*PIN# then press Send/Ok.

Example :

*600*0703xxxxxxx*100*1234# then press Send/OK.
You will receive a text message confirming successful transfers.
Airtel 2 Airtel
Airtel Me2u is a credit transfer service meant to help airtel user transfer their credit anytime they want to any other Airtel subscriber.
How To Transfer Credit On Zain/Airtel
To transfer credit from Airtel to Airtel, send this in an SMS to 432.
2U (space) Recipient’s phone number (space) Amount (space) Pin.
2U 0812564539 100 1234 to 432

Locate the Etisalat services on your phone

menu >Balance Transfer > security code box will pop-up, then enter “0000″,in the next is amount you want to transfer
eg. 50, the next window should contain recipient No. You can also change your pin from the service menu.
Or Dial :

Good Luck

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