Saturday, March 23, 2013

"We don't own a private jet yet, but hope to buy one in the future' - PSquare

When asked by Vanguard if the rumour that they bought a private jet was true, P-Square replied:

"There was nothing like that. I guess because it was included in our
list that whenever we are going for a specific show,  the organsiers
must provide us with a private jet. We had a deal with a private jet
company which always hire their private jet to us whenever we are in
need of it. It’s like, we have a private jet at our disposal. I
remember, I once tweeted that a private jet has been included in our
list.  That was how people started speculating that Psquare has bought a
private jet. But we always  travel with the jet all the time.
Do they plan to buy a private jet someday?

To be honest with you, the way things are going, we are planning to
buy one. And it’s not because of the cost implication of hiring a
private jet, but the fact that we want to meet up with our concerts.
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