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Tonto and her team have partnered with fast rising producer/director, Gbemi Philips of Gbemi Phillips Productions to bring you this extremely exciting and sexy video. 

CAN Blasts El-Rufai For Jesus Comment On Twitter

ABUJA—The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Wednesday, described recent statement linked to former Federal Capital Territory Minister, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, on Jesus Christ, as not only reckless but also indicative of deep-seated moral bankcruptcy.
El-Rufai had tweeted on January 28, that “if Jesus criticises Jonathan’s government, Maku, Abati or Okupe will say that he slept with Mary Magdalene”.
Addressing newsmen on the issue, CAN warned El-Rufai that “if he persists in such matters and making such divisive commentaries, he must prepare himself for a very forceful and vigorous reaction from the Church and the Christian community in Nigeria”.
Speaking through its General Secretary, Rev. Musa Asake, CAN warned that the “maturity and dignified restraint of the Christian populace, in the face of inflammatory and provocative statements, should not be taken as licence for unbridled assault.
“We urge his religious leaders and political associates to advise him to be far more sobre and circumspect and put a padlock on his mouth before he lights the candle that sets ourcountry on fire.
Mallam El- Rufai
“On our part, we urge the Christian community and our Christian youths to continue to be restrained and always seek peace, love and harmony, in spite of the provocations that they are facing from the likes of Nasir El-Rufai and those he represents.
“We must not allow him to turn Nigeria into a cauldron of fire by his reckless, bigoted and twisted commentaries about our Lord or our faith and we must view him for exactly what he is, a failed, desperate, hate-filled and drowning politician, who is now stoking embers of religious division to create a political base for himself amongst his people.
“Nigeria has no place for a religious bigots who delight in insulting the Christian faith.
“We urged the Federal Government to call Nasir El-Rufai to order and not to overlook the possibility that his joke was not only contrived but was actually calculated to create an even greater wedge between Christians and Muslims with the attendant consequences.
“Had it not been for the maturity, fortitude, patience, decency, forgiving nature and deep sense of restraint that themajority of Christians have in our country, El-Rufai would not have been safe anywhere in Nigeria today after cracking suchan expensive joke.”

Blackberry (Formerly Known As RIM) Launches Blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 is the first version of RIM’s smartphone platform designed for touch devices. Previous versions, such as BlackBerry 7, were optimized for non-touch handsets with physical keyboards.
Other nice additions to it includes an adaptive software keyboard that adjusts to your typing style over time and a predictive word suggestion feature that can add words to your messages with a quick gesture.
There is also a new camera that offers features such as composite photos that snap several images in quick succession so you can merge them into one idealized photo.It also has new enterprise features including Balance, which creates two "personas" on a BlackBerry device, one for work and one for personal use.

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Super Eagles Get N4.7M Each For Beating Ethiopia

THE Nigeria Football Federation yesterday dolled out US $30,000 to each member of the Super Eagles for qualifying for the quarter final of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Super Eagles yesterday defeated Ethiopia 2-0 in a tension soaked match played in Rustenburg. The Eagles qualified alongside Burkina Faso from Group D.

Burkina Faso on the other hand ended their tie with Zambia 0-0 at the Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit. The result ensured the elimination of Zambia that ended third in the log with 3 points from three matches.


Django Unchained [Movie review]

Movie- Django Unchained

Actors- Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio, Christopher Waltz, Samuel L Jackson

Director- Quentin Tarantino

Written by- Quentin Tarantino

Distributed by- The Weinstein Company (USA), Columbia Pictures (International)

Duration- 165 minutes
Django Unchained is the 7th film from auteur and Spaghetti Western master, Quentin Tarantino. The film starring Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio, Christopher Waltz and Samuel L Jackson is an epic Western set two years before the American civil war.
Wrapped in Quentin’s patent ultra- violence style and dialogue, Django Unchained is the story of a former slave who tries to rescue his wife from one of the notorious plantations in the old South in America with the help of a German bounty hunter. It’s a tale of slavery, revenge and freedom set in era when it was unheard of to see a black man ride on a horse.
Christopher Waltz, who plays the role of the eloquent German bounty hunter by the name of Dr. King Schultz, might just be the best actor to star in a Tarantino movie. He sinks his teeth into the charismatic role of the bounty hunter who treats Django (Jamie Foxx) as an equal and teaches him a few tricks of the gun slinging trade. For now, no one reads Quentin Tarantino’s lines better than Waltz- well maybe with the exception of Uma Thurman, his muse.
Leonardo Di Caprio, who spots a Southern accent, is the charismatic Monsieur Candie who is the owner of Candie Land plantation where Jamie Foxx’s wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) is as a pleasure girl. Together with his head house negro Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) they maintain an iron grip on the plantation by feeding runaway slaves to dogs or putting them in ‘hot boxes’ for 10 days, whipping their backs and showing the scars to guests. The role of Stephen is brilliantly played by Samuel L. Jackson. Stephen is arguably the veteran’s most annoying character since his role as an armed thief in the comedy classic Coming To America.
Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington interpreted their roles well although they were slightly out shined by the trio of Christopher Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio and Samuel L. Jackson.
Lately, Quentin Tarantino has been taking on heavier themes since Inglourious Basterds, the 2009 World War II war movie which takes on race superiority. Django Unchained is all about slavery and racism. In today’s world where a black man sits in the White House as the leader of the most powerful nation earth it is kind of hard to fathom some of the scenes in the movie- one of the most shocking being a scene of two black slaves fighting to the death cheered on by Monsieur Candie.
Yet despite all the evil things done to black people in the movie, Quentin Tarantino creates outlets for justice. The scene where Jamie Foxx whips one of the white men who whipped his wife silly before he empties bullets in his chest is cathartic not just for the Django but the viewers who watched as Kerry Washington’s face was scarred with a hot iron. In the beginning the freed slaves who had been walking in the freezing cold blasted the head of their former owner. This balances the scale of injustice.
Throughout the movie, Django is a strange creature. Many people don’t know how to treat him or react to him. Some black slaves can’t comprehend he is a free man and some envy him while white slave owners don’t believe that a black free man exists. Jamie Foxx riding on a horse is a metaphor which says that he isn’t you average negro as he looks down on black slaves who are forced to march. Ironically, the person who identifies that Django isn’t your simpleton negro is the racist Monsieur Candie himself. The clash of egos between Django and Stephen is a portrayal of the clash between the proud independent negro and the subservient negro.
Feminists might balk at Broomhilda’s character for not doing much apart from being the woman who must be saved. I do feel that Kerry Washington’s character should have been more involved in the plot.
As expected the dialogue in the movie is compelling and the soundtrack is spectacular, ranging from soul to rap. Of course the violence is over the top- which Tarantino movie isn’t. In Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino cuts his annoying habit of unnecessary dialogue which has been one of his most infamous trademarks (watch Reservoir Dogs).
Since his 2007 flop, Death Proof, Quentin Tarantino has rebounded with heavier movies. Django Unchained is his latest spectacle which tackles the issues of slavery and freedom through his trademark strengths- glorification of violence and forceful dialogue. Quentin Tarantino brings back the old movie Spaghetti Western genre with the heavy gun play. It is captivating from the word go and it doesn’t let go until everything goes BOOM!
Rating- 4/5.

Article from The Net

Tuesday, January 29, 2013




British American Tobacco (BAT) is a market leading, global organisation with a long, established history and a bright and dynamic future. Thanks to our people we have continued to deliver growth and exceed expectations in an increasingly complex and challenging marketplace.
Our aim is to become the leading tobacco company in each of our markets by providing excellent products with confidence and responsibility expected of global consumer brands.
If you have the talent and motivation to help us succeed you’ll find we are equally committed to helping you reach your full potential too.
POSITION: Technical Trainee


EMPLOYING COMPANY: British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN)




Manufacturing and Engineering continues to be the bedrock of a developing economy and as part of our commitment to developing technical skills, we are seeking applicants into our Technical Trainee Programme.


The programme is a 4 months technical skills learning opportunity targeted at passionate, young, and talented individuals with the required potential to deliver on business goals.  It has  also been designed to build technical capabilities and competencies relevant to the Manufacturing Industry driven by a Performance learning approach.

Continuous assessment and appraisal of trainees will take place during the period of training and on successful completion of the training programme, a certificate of participation will be awarded.

BAT is not obliged to provide employment to trainees on successful completion of the programme; however trainees will be kept in a pool for future employment when the opportunity presents itself.


National Technical Certificate (NTC) or Advanced National Technical Certificate (ANTC) issued by the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)

Technicians Certificate (or its equivalent) issued by City & Guilds of London with qualifications in Engineering & Transport and Processes & Manufacturing.


Vocational studies in Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Production and Maintenance, Metals & fabricated metal products

Vocational studies in electrical and electronics installation and  in Maintenance Practice. copied from:


Working at BAT

Enrolment Condition

All enrolled trainees will receive a monthly allowance to cover incidental expenses throughout the duration of the programme. Students will also benefit from the company’s canteen services as well as medical services at the company’s clinic.


DUE DATE: 01- Feb – 2013.



Golden Penny Foods





- Coordinate the planned electrical maintenance activities of a production machines.

- Design, interpret and implement equipment monitoring strategies for the plants.

- Follow up with the procurement team to achieve quick turnaround time of spare parts procurement.

- Coordinate the activities of supervisors and resolve issues that come up in the course of production

- Coordinate preventive maintenance, repairs, servicing and replacement to maintain optimum performance

- Manage all the electrical systems in the factory to ensure optimum performance.

- Ensure electrical safety of the plants.

- The role belongs to the Manufacturing and Operations Job Family, Technical Discipline and “Professional” Career Level. Successful candidates can overtime progress within the Job Family which includes Production, Maintenance, HSE and Technical functions across the group

- B.Sc./B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering. Minimum of second class lower division.

- 5 O’ level credits including Mathematics & English Language in not more than 2 sittings

- Minimum of 6 years post NYSC experience in a recognized manufacturing company.
On or before 12th February, 2012.

Pay DSTV Bills Online Using

I came across this educative topic on popular blog Ogbongeblog "How To Pay DSTV Bills Online Using"

Meanwhile many platforms offer this great service like the various banks in nigeria now have a mobile banking platform where this and more can be done. For example ecobank would require you dial *326# and follow the prompt. Also you can log into QuickTeller site and also buy recharge cards, make transfers with your ATM  and pay your Dstv bills after registering. I came across an app in blackberry appworld with which you can do similar fuctions from the comfort of your blackberry with your mobile number as your account number. Keep watching this space for more

Find Ogbongeblog's post below

In one of my posts, I shared how to make DSTV payment online at Today, I am sharing with you, how you can pay for your DSTV bills or renew your DSTV subscriptions using Paga payment services. Don't know what Paga is? Well, it is a free money transfer service that allows you to make payments with an internet-enabled deviceany mobile phone or through a Paga agent.

Now with Paga you can sit in your living room and pay your DStv subscription anywhere, anytime and see your service turn back on real-time. All DStv subscriptions paid on Paga are credited in real-time with service restored immediately.

How To Get Started

== Sign up for paga account

== Log in to

== Click on "deposit cash" to fund your account with your Nigerian ATM cards.

== After you might have funded your account, click "bill pay"

== Click on "DSTV" from the list of merchants displayed

== Select the DSTV bouquet you want to pay for in the service box

== Enter your DSTV smartcard number in the space provided and click GO

== You will see a page with your customer information. Use this to confirm if the smartcard is yours

== If correct, enter your Paga secret PIN in the box and click GO

== If successful, you will see the confirmation with your transaction ID.

== Wait for some minutes for your DSTV channels to be restored (If your subscription expired before making the payment)

That's all.

More Here

Frank Ocean And Chris Brown Fight....... Over Parking Spot?


Last summer Chris Brown and Frank Ocean traded a few jabs at each other on Twitter, with Tyler, The Creator later getting involved, but it seems like all parties had moved on, until now. Brown and Ocean got into a fight at a studio in LA Sunday night, with the latter tweeting about the incident after it happened.
The scuffle reportedly began over rights to a parking space at Westlake Studio where both artists were working. TMZ reports that Frank Ocean and his entourage blocked Chris Brown's path as he tried to exit the studio on Sunday night, reportedly telling him, This is my studio, this is my parking spot." Seems like Chris attempted to be diplomatic, trying to shake Frank's hand, but was attacked by a member of his crew which resulted in Brown and Ocean getting into a brawl.

Frank Ocean was the first to address the fight, he tweeted on Sunday night, "Got jumped by Chris and a couple guys. Lol. I only wish Everest was here." later adding, "Cut my finger now I can't play w/two hands at the Grammys."
No arrests have been made, but currently Frank Ocean seems to be the victim, after a brawl that reportedly involved 6 men. The details about what happened after that initial confrontation are still sketchy. More details at MTV News.

In response to the controversy:
@MyHairyLife wrote, “At least Chris Brown hit a man this time. So I guess he's making progress.”
@Travon wrote, “First women, now punching gay guys over parking spots? Has someone told Chris Brown there's no "douche bag" Nobel prize category?”
@samlansky wrote, “What will Chris Brown do next? PIstol-whip some nuns? Drown a bag of kittens in an old well? Tie someone to the train tracks and laugh?”
@nedhepburn wrote, “If Chris Brown can't get a hit on the charts he'll just hit other people, apparently.”
@JetlifeSensei wrote, “Everybody saying Chris Brown beating up girls again, but I bet Frank Ocean would whoop 95% of your asses”
@KanerKnight wrote, “chris brown is having bare beef with all kinds of peoples.... From females to wrestler's now a gay dude..”
@TonyAndersonTV wrote, “Being unapologetically you has it's disadvantages tho. Chris Brown needs to be somebody else cuz being him ain't working.”
@surreezy wrote, his last album was a flop, he had to beg his "breezy fans" on twitter to buy the album. And he continues to make himself look bad in media, thus losing fans.
A few of Brown's fans did defend him on Instagram though, after some commenters began to criticize his recent work. adisadeliovsky wrote, "his last album went number 1 in the United States, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and reached top 10 in Canada, France, Ireland, Japan and Switzerland and he won a Grammy for his last album f.a.m.e and is currently nominated for a Grammy for his current album fortune... Doesn't sound like a flop to me?

Rick Ross Escapes Drive-By Shooting Unharmed

News outlets in Florida are reporting that Rick Ross may have been the target of a drive-by shooting early this morning in Fort Lauderdale. MTV News is currently reaching out to local police and Ross' camp, but eye witnesses are placing the rapper at the scene of a car crash.

According to NBC Miami, police officials say that an unknown vehicle fired multiple shots at a Rolls Royce that Ross was traveling in, near Southeast 15th Avenue and E. Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, while the rapper was in the car with a female. When Rozay’s car tried to avoid the shots it crashed into a residential building at 311 Southeast 15th Avenue.  Neither of the two people in the car was injured.  According to a local business owner, Ross recently bought a home in the area.
No other details are known at the time as police are still investigating the scene and searching for the shooter. Check back with MTV News for more details.


Happy 37th Birthday Rick Ross: A Big Year In Recap

Nestle Nigeria Plc Graduate Trainees Recruitment 2013

Nestle Nigeria Plc Graduate Trainees Recruitment 2013:
Job Description

Nestle Nigeria Plc is a Leading Nutrition Health and Wellness Company, we are committed to enhancing People’s lives, everywhere, everyday. Infact enhancing lives will influence everything we do together. A presence in more than 130 countries and factories in more than 80 research centres brings many global benefits. We believe in long term career development and appreciate how challenges and motivation will help you reach your potential.
Nestle Nigeria Plc is currently recruiting Graduate Trainees.
Nestle Graduate Trainees Recruitment 2013
Job Position: Graduate Trainees 
Department: Graduate Trainees
Who we are: Leading Nutrition Health and Wellness Company, we are committed to enhancing People’s lives, everywhere, everyday.
Who we want: Exceptionally intelligent and energetic fresh graduates with a strong drive for excellence in our “Special Graduate Trainee Scheme”.  
 The scheme. This is a distinct program designed to hire top-notch intelligent graduates who will be drilled and turned into astute business managers over a period of time.
Minimum of 7 credits at one sitting in ‘O’ level
B.SC in any of the following disciplines: Engineering (Industrial, Production, Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics, Civil);  Biological & Chemical Sciences (Microbiology, Biochemistry, Food Technology, Nutrition, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry); Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Computer Science, Social Sciences,(Business Administration, Economics, Accounting,

Minimum of Second Class Upper
Numerate skills
Goal driven,highly numerate, Must have completed NYSC (not earlier than 2011) Communication and presentation skills
Application Closing Date
06 February 2013

How to ApplyInterested candidate should click here to apply online or log on to, register (for new users) and apply for the position.  
apply online
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Don Jazzy set to launch clothing line


He dropped hints on twitter...... IDJA, and he deffinately knows how to engage his fans

RIM's Upcoming BlackBerry Z10 To Cost £480 (Approx. N119,000)

The BlackBerry Z10 , which is all set to make it to the grand stage this week has been the talk of the town lately. After we got to see some press images of the smartphone and got treated to a tutorial of its OS we not got to learn more about the pricing. The price tag of the BlackBerry Z10 was revealed by a screenshot of a major retailer's inventory system.

 According to the Carphone Warehouse , the BlackBerry Z10 will cost £480, about $760 (certainly no information on the actual retail price in Nigeria yet). The listing in the company's database clearly shows the pricing of the white variant of the smartphone and the attached BLAZ10WHI product code too aligns nicely with the earlier leaks from the retailer.

The leaked price is said to be for a SIM-free version and the smartphone will naturally be available for far less on contract.

RIM might have a somewhat hard time impressing the audience at its January 30 event. After so many leaks there's hardly much left to announce, but hopefully the company will have a few more aces up its sleeve.


The price seems high to me especially now that RIM is looking to take the market by storm
Will you b
e getting one?

Microsoft Office 2013 To Be Launched January 29th

According to a tweet from the Office team, and a #Timeto365 campaign/hashtag which was seen via, it can now be confirmed that it is no longer a rumour that the Windows maker is “launching” the new Microsoft Office a.k.a Office 2013 on Tuesday in Bryant Park, New York and it would be generally available via retail channels.

Microsoft released Office 2013 to manufacturing on October 11, 2012. The company made the final bits available to MSDN and TechNet subscribers, as well as volume-licencing customers, before the end of last year. Recently, Microsoft made $10 versions of the final Office 2013 bits available to volume licencees with Software Assurance as part of its Home Use Programme.

Microsoft officials have been saying for a couple of months that a particular IT company planned to make the final bits commercially available in the first calendar quarter of 2013.

The company already has taken the wraps off some of its Office 2013 SKUs, and will be pushing a new, subscription-centric version of Office that it has named Office 365 Home Premium.

Unlike the other Office 365 SKUs, the Home Premium version isn’t a Microsoft-hosted version of Office. Instead, it’s downloadable, locally installable versions of the Office 2013 products for which users will be charged a monthly or annual “rental” fee. For that subscription fee, users will have the right to install Office 2013 and/or the Office for Mac 2011 SKUs on up to five PCs and Macs in total.

Microsoft officials also have said that the “real” Office 365 update should be available around the time of the client launch. Microsoft officials have been prepping the company’s reseller/integrator partners for the Office 365 refresh for the past couple of weeks.


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Omotola With Bobby Valentino In The Studio

Remember the "Slow Down" crooner, Bobby V? Well omotola posted this on twitter. Shes damn serious about her music this time....

Police, Naval Men Clash In Lagos


THERE was pandemonium in Apapa area of Lagos State, weekend, when some armed naval personnel and policemen from Area B Police Command clashed.

Two policemen allegedly sustained injuries, police patrol vehicles and an Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC, were allegedly destroyed.

Vanguard gathered that the incident occurred last Friday, after a team of policemen attached to the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences, accosted two naval ratings on a motorcycle riding against traffic at Trebo Roundabout and allegedly impounded their motorcycle.

The incident was said to have thrown the entire area into panic.

Eyewitnesses said the angry naval personnel ran back to their base and reinforced but on arriving Trebo Roundabout, the task force officials had gone.

The aggrieved naval personnel allegedly descended on a team of policemen attached to the Rapid Respond Squad, RRS, manning an APC stationed at the Roundabout.

An eyewitness, who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity, said “The policemen, in their bid to escape, drove the APC dangerously and out of the roundabout to the Area B Command Headquarters. Some of the naval personnel went after them. A police inspector attached to a leading new generation bank, on Liverpool Road, was attacked and beaten to pulp while his rifle was taken from him.”

“The naval personnel on getting to Area B Command Headquarters, started shooting indiscriminately, sending motorists and residents scampering for safety.

“They smashed the windscreens of some patrol vehicles and one APC was completely demobilised as it tyres were destroyed.

“It took the intervention of the Area Commander, Ali Mohammed, who contacted the naval authorities for help.”

When contacted, the Western Command information officer, Jerry Omodara, told Vanguard that the Navy did not attack the police area command office.

According to him, “What happened was that two naval ratings were on their way home on a motorbike after the close of work and policemen manning a check point at Point Road junction towards Liverpool stopped them. The ratings tried to explain that they were personnel closing from work and the policemen refused to let them go.

The scene where the incident occurred was close to the Hydrographic office of the Navy and a Rear Admiral who saw it happened sent a lieutenant to the scene.

The lieutenant pleaded with the policemen, but they refused to listen. The lieutenant then demanded that they all go to the Area B police Command Headquarters.”

“But on their way to the Command, an RRS patrol van approached and hijacked the situation. The RRS policemen opened fire on the Navy and snatched the motorbike from them.”


Egyptian Referee who officiated Nigeria vs Zambia match Dismissed For Poor Officiating

The 36 year old Egyptian referee who officiated the match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and Chipolopo of Zambia on Friday January 25th, has been dismissed from the on-going 2013 Africa Cup of Nations as a result of poor officiating.

Ghead Grisha awarded a controversial penalty to Zambia in the 85th minute which enabled them draw level in the group C match.

The Nigeria Football Federation, NFF immediately sent a protest letter to the Confederation of African Football, CAF, asking the football governing body to look into the questionable call by Grisha.

A top official of CAF said today that Grisha 'has been sent home. He will have no further action at this Cup of Nations. His decisions did not tally with best practices of the refereeing profession and we would not allow anyone to start re-writing the rules of the game here'


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Music star Jahborne gets 300k Twitter followers in just a few hours

Post from LINDA IKEJI 

i witnesed the development live on twitter, really funny

congrats to him, make i go buy too... brb

He's gangster, mehn! Lol. He actually bought the 300k Twitter followers,
but unlike some others, he made his public. See his Tweets below. 

No need to hate...go buy yours too if you can afford to...hehe!

Epic Photo Of Enyeama During Nigeria's Match

WTF ure under attack and you are chillaxing????

The cup is our no matter what..... i like that spirit

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Job Title: Structural Engineer
 Location: Lagos, Nigeria
 Recruiter: TOPSEA Engineering Limited - Nigeria
Qualification & Requirements: 
B.Eng/HND Civil Engineering from reputable Institution •
2 to 4 years experience,
Must be proficient with relevant software
Deadline: 5th February 2013.
Apply online

Karrueche Tran topless photos for Rolling Out magazine

In my opinion, rihanna is way hotter....

For those who don't know who she is, she's the girl struggling Chris Brown with Rihanna or the vice versa ...*wink*

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January 24 Declared Holiday For Eid-el-maulud

January 24 Declared Holiday For Eid-el-maulud:

The Federal Government has declared Thursday, January 24, 2013 as public holiday to commemorate the Muslim Eid-El-Maulud celebration.
The Minister of Interior, Mr Abba Moro, made the announcement in Abuja on Friday, in a statement signed by Mr Adetayo Sode, the Director of Citizenship and Business in the ministry.
Moro, who congratulated Muslims on the occasion, urged them to use the occasion to pray for sustained efforts to uplift the nation.
He also urged Nigerians to use the occasion to pray for peace and unity of the country.

Source Daily Post

Wishing all Muslim brothers and sisters Happy Maolud Nabbiy Celebration in advance.
I love Naija

Love Life, Live Life & Life Would be Lovely


Post from WETIN DEY HAPPEN  blog

Since the cinema commenced operations in April 2011, it has changed the story of leisure, family relaxation and entertainment in the state. Every day, especially during weekends, hundreds of people troop to Udo Udoma Avenue where Silverbird Cinema-Ibom Tropicana is located, to enjoy new movies on a wide screen and surround sound system, meet new friends and savor the beauty of the magnificent edifice.

It started just like a dream, when the foundation was laid by the Late President-Musa Yar Adua, many would have thought it was one of those white elephant projects that government embarks on. 
A tour around the premises showed that massive work construction is going on in different segments of the multibillion naira Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Centre which is designed to comprise of not just the six-screen Cineplex, a five-star hotel, wet and dry park, conference centre and shopping mall.
Diva- Pattina and some Guests at the Cinema
Mr. Ekong, the manager of the cinema expressed so much joy in the pace of the work on-going at the Tropicana, at first, it wasn’t an easy task to get people out of their homes, this required a re-orientation exercise, the State Government, through the magnanimity of Governor Godswill Akpabio had to subsidize the rate for the movies to make it affordable for the masses. 
There and then, another uphill task was presented to the management of the Cinema, and that was the management of the crowd that troops in every day. Now the cinema enjoys patronage round the clock, whether festive period or not.
Cinema Walkway
The cinema lobby also plays host to album launches, and movie premieres. Today, the cinema culture has been imbibed in the people of Akwa Ibom; here are some pictures from the cinema during our last visit.

Ibom Tropicana entertainment centre was created in the image of Sun City of South Africa and the famous Disneyland. The centre which sits on a landmass of 82 hectares is expected to create job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths of the State. Some of the features of the complex include:
  • Cineplex with six screen cinema halls and a seat capacity of 1030 completed and commissioned.
  • A standard shopping mall with 59 standard shops, and two banks service corridors etc.
  • An ultra-modern convention centre with a multi-floor capacity of 5000
  • A 15-storey five star hotel with 250 rooms.
  • A Theme Park with Dry and Wet Rides/Attractions covering an area of three hectares.
Nelson NseAbasi Reporting from WETIN DEY HAPPEN 


The eighth edition of Africa’s biggest reality series Big Brother Africa kicks off in May and already fans of arguably the most successful television franchise ever seen on the continent are asking…who will the new housemates be? Who will find their name and their faces gracing newspapers, their profiles loaded to websites and blogs? 
Who will become the subject of drive time radio and just who will find themselves heating up the Twitter-sphere?

At this time there is no way to know this but if you meet the entry requirements and enter between now and Valentine’s Day on February 14, you may well be among the superstars in waiting and may find yourself flirting with fame and fortune!This year, entry is open to the same 14 countries as the year before with the only exception being Liberia which will be replaced by Ethiopia for this year. The replacement comes as AfricaMagic and series producers Endemol SA rotate certain countries into and out of the format.

The reason for this is to ensure that a wide range of countries can be included in different editions of the series.As a result of the change, participating countries this year are: Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Entry is open to all those persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of the participating countries and who either have a valid passport or will be able to obtain one by the end of March.

Producers are looking for persons who are fluent in English, entertaining and passionate about the Big Brother experience. Of particular importance to the selection team are the qualities of tolerance, determination and enthusiasm. If you are open-minded, bold and adventurous, that’s even better!
Entry forms are available immediately at so visit the website and complete the online submission form. Printed entry forms will also be available at MultiChoice offices in the participating countries from February 1, 2013.

As with previous editions of Big Brother Africa, the new season will have a twist…and according toM-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alabi, who has helmed the production for the past four years, the big surprise this year is one that audiences are expected to fall in love with. “As always, we won’t say much about the new season but I can confirm that we’ve added a new element that I think will get the hearts of viewers racing.

The fact that the fans truly adore the show is all the motivation we need to keep it fresh and fun!”Her views are echoed by Endemol MD Sivan Pillay who says, “Our long-term association with M-Net is very much a partnership, a marriage of sorts. We understand what they desire for their audiences, and they trust us enough to let us develop innovative twists and surprises. So the process is quite harmonious and very exciting, as all good relationships should be.

I am hopeful that this year we are creating a red-hot show that will include familiar trademarks like nominations and evictions alongside a very special new development.”Previous editions of Big Brother Africa have boasted huge cash prizes for winners and this year the winner will walk away with USD 300 000.
More information on Big Brother Africa 8 will be made available over the next month, so stay tuned to AfricaMagic, follow the action on Twitter and Facebook and keep checking the website.

Big Brother Africa 8 will be screened live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 while GOtv audiences will see highlights of the program which begins on Sunday May 26 and is scheduled to run for 91 days.


Another School Shooting Hits The USA (PHOTOS)

Breaking News:Another School Shooting Hits The USA (PHOTOS):

 Dozens of heavily armed officers swarmed Lone Star College around 12:50 p.m. Students were seen fleeing buildings while others huddled in classrooms. Gunshots rang out at a Houston community college on Tuesday, leaving a maintenance worker severely wounded and sparking panic across campus in what was the fifth school shooting in six weeks.

Two men were arguing near the library of Lone Star College in north Houston around 12:50 p.m. when one of the men pulled a handgun and fired off several shots, acting Harris County Sheriff Maj. Armando Tello said during a news conference.

A maintenance worker was caught in the crossfire and stuck by a bullet in the leg. The victim, who is in his mid-50s, was in stable condition at Ben Taub General Hospital, medical officials said.
 The two men involved in the altercation were in police custody, and both were hurt. A law enforcement official told KHOU-TV that one of the men shot the other man he was arguing with several times and then accidentally shot himself in the buttocks. The man shot multiple times is in critical condition at a local hospital. In addition, a woman with a student ID suffered a "medical condition" during the stressful incident, Tello said.

An aerial view of one of the victims of the school shooting at Lone Star College.

The gunshots elicited widespread panic across the busy college campus, with students rushing from buildings and huddling for safety in classrooms. "All you could hear was like five or six shots, and we saw everybody running," said student Jose Del Reyes, who was studying in the library. "People were running and screaming. We tried to get out, but nobody would let us out," he said.

"We were just so scared," he said.

Student Mark Zaragosa said he had just come out of an EMT class when he saw two people bleeding from gunshot wounds on the normally quiet campus. Cops had not yet arrived.
“One gentleman had a gunshot to the knee and the (other) actually had an entry wound to the lower buttocks area,” Zaragosa told KHOU.

Keisha Cohn, 27, who also is studying to be a paramedic, said she heard “no less than five” shots and started running. She holed up in the campus learning center alongside other people fearing for their lives.

Daniel Flores, 19, described the barrage as sounding “like someone was kicking a door.”

The scene inside Lone Star College after word of shots fired on campus.

What sparked the argument between the two men was still unclear, but "one individual did have a student identification," Tello said.

Police would not say whether the incident was gang related.

Dozens of heavily armed officers swarmed the campus and barricaded streets in the adjoining neighborhood.

"This hits close to home," a frantic witness told KTRK-TV. "What you see on TV is real ... you realize it could be me," she said.
 School officials said the school was placed on lockdown, issuing an alert that read, "Students, Faculty and Staff are advised to take immediate shelter where you are. Do not enter the campus until notified further."

Several students told KTRK they did not receive a text message or email about an emergency on campus and instead relied on word of mouth from faculty and classmates.

Four nearby grade schools were also placed on lockdown.

While the Texas Legislature is considering a plan to allow guns on college campuses, Lone Star College campuses are actually gun-free zones, according to Richard Carpenter, chancellor of the Lone Star College System, which has an enrollment of 90,000 students and six college campuses.

The shooting was the fifth on a school campus in recent weeks. On Dec. 14, a gunman killed 20 students and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. A month later, a student brought a shotgun into Taft Union High School in Taft, Calif., shooting a student and grazing his teacher. On Jan. 15, two people were shot dead in the parking lot at Hazard Community and Technical College in Eastern Kentucky. The same day, a part-time student at Stevens Institute of Business & Arts in St. Louis shot the school's financial aid director.

Despite the recent onslaught of violence, the Texas attorney general invited New Yorkers last week to move to Texas — with their guns — because the state is so welcoming of weaponry.


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