Thursday, May 23, 2013

BIS plans work on BlackBerry 10.

I came accross this post on a tech blog Techsuplex and decided to share. Enjoy!


I thought I had written too many posts on the above issue, but apparently not, I got a DM this morning asking me if I was sure BIS worked on BlackBerry 10 because a couple of blogs including the well respected mobility blog say otherwise so I thought to write one final post brief post on the issue.
First the confusion arises from what we consider BIS here. BIS is not data alone. The term BIS refers to the service BlackBerry offers (asides data) to your device, e.g push emails, push notification, data compression etc. In most other parts of the world, you pay for a generic data plan and get BIS either as a free or paid add on. I’ve explained BIS thoroughly here, so read that if you want more details. When BlackBerry said BIS would not be needed to use BlackBerry 10, they meant, their server isn’t required to push your emails or do compression, etc any longer. That it isn’t required doesn’t mean it can’t. When you bridge an old BlackBerry device on a BIS plan to a Playbook and use the BIS to surf, the data is still compressed. The decision to support BIS or not on a BlackBerry 10 device is solely a marketing decision by your network and nothing else.

I have got two BlackBerry 10 devices at the moment, one running on a BIS plan only, the other running on a generic data plan. Both have all the full features, including BBM video and voice.
BlackBerry 10 supports BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS plans), Dedicated BlackBerry 10 plans and generic data plans. The ONLY difference with these three plans is this: For dedicated BlackBerry 10 plans, your plans come with unlimited emails and BBM. So even when your data cap is exhausted, you will still have access to BBM and emails. On the other plans, if there is a data cap, you will be cut off from every service when it is reached. Additionally, there’s the economics of choosing which plan is better suited for you, but that I’ll skip
Last thing to note is that for each of the three kinds of plans, you need to use the appropriate Access Point Name (APN), so I would include a table with the appropriate APNs below:

BIS/BBC plan BB10 plan Generic Plan
Glo APN gloflat or glodirect
Airtel APN
Etisalat APN etisalat

I’ll recommend the following much older posts if you want more in-depth explanation:
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If there are any questions, let me know in the comments.
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