Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 Things You Must Do To lose Weight [Fast & Effective]

The first thing that comes to mind when you are to lose weight is gym. Most people spend lots of time in gym without anything to show for it.
It is time to learn important and basic, and scientifically proven things that will surely get those pounds off.
These tips will make you shed the weights, remain fit and sexy.
Drink lots of water. Drink water before meals and between meals. It helps in filling you up. Sometimes dehydration may mask as hunger.
Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast skippers tend to gain weight. Studies show that eating a proper breakfast is one of the most positive things you can do if you are trying to lose weight. A balanced breakfast with fresh fruit, a high-fiber breakfast cereal, low-fat milk or yoghurt, could serve right.
Good diet. Good and balanced diet is essential for maintaining good weight. Wrong food choices will nullify the effect of exercise
Eat healthily three times a day and try to include salad and some lean meats in your diet. Strive to achieve a net calorie deficit, as this is very important in weight loss.
Walk and walk. It has been shown that doing a 30 minutes’ walk, five days a week helps in keeping you in shape. You really don’t need to do a gym “work-out” daily. Break the habits of getting in from work and just watching the TV, and then eating dinner and off to bed.
Don’t cool off with wrong food. Don’t eat carbohydrates for at least an hour after exercise. This will force your body to break down body fat, rather than using the food you ingest. Stick to fruit and fluids during that hour, but avoid beer... *coughs*
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