Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chinese baby flushed down a toilet

Chinese baby flushed down a toilet; mother claims baby fell into the toilet after she gave birth:
The mother of the newborn baby boy
flushed down a toilet in China watched in secret as rescuers plucked him alive from a sewer pipe.

22-year-old woman is believed to have raised the initial alarm but only
confessed to police after they searched her rented room and found toys
and blood-stained toilet paper, the Chinese state news agency reported.

Police initially said they were
treating the case of as possible attempted homicide, but it was not
immediately clear whether the mother would face any criminal charges.

A police officer said she had hidden
her pregnancy and claimed the baby fell into the lavatory after she
unexpectedly gave birth. ‘The woman was on the scene during the entire
rescue process ... and admitted she was the mother when we asked her.’

He said police were still investigating whether she had any ‘malicious intentions’ before deciding on charges.

The single woman, a tenant in the
building, told police she could not afford an abortion and secretly
delivered the child Saturday afternoon in the toilet. 

She said the newborn slipped into the
sewer line and that she alerted her landlord of the trapped baby after
she could not pull the child out, Zhejiang News said.

The landlord of the building said
there were no signs that the birth took place in the restroom and she
had not been aware of any recent pregnancies among her tenants.

But the mother told police she
cleaned up the toilet after the delivery and that she had managed to
hide her pregnancy by wearing loose clothes and tightly wrapping her

Nurse Zhang Songhe told the Daily
Mail that the mother of the baby was with him in hospital. ‘I don’t know
the reason she abandoned the baby.

‘We’re going to take care of the baby. We are not sure when the baby can be discharged.’

She added: 'When the baby arrived here, he was in
critical condition.

'We suspect he has a fracture in the top right
section of his skull. But now everything has been stabilized.'

Source: Daily Mail UK
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